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Mo Gorjestani interviews Hilary Hulteen for Makeshift Collective | Fall 2010

Finally I have found someone with a time machine. Her name is Hilary Hulteen. Now I just gotta find a gadget to shrink me small enough so I can travel time and space inside her camera like her pictures do. Hilary's work strikes as cinematic and ethereal, balanced with a dash of reality and squeeze of nostalgia. Read more

| Photographs |
From the series Lady Buffalo | Featured in Dnevni magazin | Fall 2010

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| From the set |
A film by Dugan O'Neal | The Yard Dogs Road Show Photographed by Hilary Hulteen | Spring 2010

| Featured |
Lucky Brand Jeans "Lucky Few" campaign | Photographed by Michael Bernard | Los Angeles, Fall 2008
V Magazine | Vanity Fair

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