Out Of Range: Off the grid living, homesteading in the Present Northwest

Post-Katrina New Orleans
Photographs//Lower 9 Ward, Algiers, Common Ground, and The Dirty Hands Caravan
& Conversations with Malik Rahim

Lady Buffalo: Switzerland to Albania, in Albania by horse and carriage
Video, photographs, site specific installation
With Tanja Roscic, Ivana Roscic, Athene Galiciadas

Music Documentation
On the road with Gogol Bordello 2005-2009
On the road & at home with the Yard Dogs Road Show 2006-2009
In the studio with Gogol Bordello// Super Taranta 2007
In the studio with Dredg// Catch Without Arms 2007
In the studio with Gogol Bordello// Transcontinental Hustle 2009

Album Art and PR series
Yard Dogs Road Show         Magical Mystery Tour 2010
Rupa and the April Fishes         At Sea Tour 2010
Gogol Bordello         Transcontinental Hustle
Cover Art
New York Dolls         Live at the Fillmore East
The Ferocious Few         Juices
Berel Alexander Ensemble         Hooked

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